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Chocolate made from fine cacao. Treated with special care for you to taste and enjoy.

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From The Bean To the bar

We also offer customized designs for your chocolates and gifts

For corporate gifts or special ocassions, we can customize the chocolate with your brand logo or name.

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Handcrafted in Malaysia

Bean to bar

We take care of every step in the chocolate process. Starting from the bean, all the way to the bar.


Our chocolate is made from the finest cocoa beans. Following the best practices to ensure the best product.


With our chocolates we want to highlight the different flavours and aromas of each region and country of our beans.

the chocolate process

How It Works

01 Beans

All starts with the proper process of fermentation and drying of the cacao beans.

02 Sorting and Roasting

Then, we need to sort the ones that are in good conditions and roast them.

03 Cracking and cleaning

Once roasted, we separate the peel from the nibs so it's ready to craft some chocolate.

04 Refining and conching

With the nibs and sugar we start making chocolate in the refining and conching machines, where will be carefully monitored.

05 Tempering and molding

Once the chocolate is ready, we can temper it to get the right temperature and be able to mould it.

Chocolate maker for a day

Learn about the chocolate process and create your own bar